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Our Events
July 5, 2021 Support Support
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You can support kids who are caring for a parent or sibling with an illness or disability by attending one of our fundraising events, or by hosting your own event.

Local Toy Box Market

We attend MyKidsMarekts NSW in locations around Sydney to sell new and pre-loved toys to raise funds for our Toy Boxes. Check our social media for our market schedule.  If you would like to volunteer at our market toy store, click here.

School Fundraising 

Fundraising should be fun.  Our CaringKids School Fundraising Kit is packed with helpful fundraising suggestions for your school or class. To request a copy of our kit, click here.

Bunnings BBQ Alexandria 

If you would like to volunteer at our next Bunnings BBQ to help us raise funds for our programs, click here. Raise funds for Toy Boxes Do you have a fundraising idea that would raise funds to help us connect more Toy Boxes to kids?  We would love to hear from you.  Click here to get in touch with us to discuss your fundraising plans.

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