Our Young Carers

Our Young Carers
28/09/2023 CaringKids


Isabel is a young carer who helps look after her complex needs disabled brother. She does so not expecting anything in return. This year has been particularly hard as her brother has been struggling mentally. When the box arrived she was overjoyed that amazing volunteers cared about her to send her this bit of joy. She loved the drawing (as she is a budding artist) and the novelty glasses. She would not let go of the soft toy as it was so amazing to cuddle. Isabel was so grateful to everyone for their kindness at a time when she was struggling.




Good morning to all the fabulous and generous people at Caring Kids.

Words can not describe the joy you have brought our daughter from the surprise toy box she has received last week.

She said her favourite is the barbie and the stuffed dog which she now sleeps with, it’s adorable. She has been playing with the netball and enjoying the netball book that I have been reading to her, she now is thinking of taking up netball which is awesome for her as she doesn’t have many hobbies as yet.

She also loves art and craft so she has already started painting and making racelets. She said she wouldn’t change a thing in the box.

You have helped Alyssa feel very special.

Kind regards,
Carina and Rya


Dear CaringKids team,

Patrick received his box of joy this afternoon and he was soooooo excited!!

He said to say “thank you so much!”

He shared it with his brother which he is a carer for.

Kinds regards,
Patrick and family 💞

Grace receiving her Joy Box


My favourite item was the little soft squishy toy and textas so I could draw 🌈 rainbows.

It made my day and was good point of conversation to talk about caring for others.

Thank you again


Dear CaringKids,

Thank you kindly for Arianna’s Joy Box. We appreciate your kindness in thinking of this special little carer.

Arianna is an active and sporty child. She especially likes the basketball. Arianna is heavily into soccer, so it is nice for her to develop some new skills with the basketball. I have seen her bouncing it in the backyard several times.

Kind regards,

Arianna with her Joy Box


Hello my name is Tom and I received a Joy Box from you recently.

My favourite thing in the box was the Lego and the Wahu football and the goggles because I use them for my swimming lessons.

I shared some of the toys with my brother like the slinky and we play with the footy together.

I use the pencils and textas to do my school work and homework.

The only thing I didn’t like in the box was the diamond art because I found it hard to do but my mum helped me.

I felt very special getting all the toys and it made me very happy and I was so excited to open the box.

Mum has added a photo for you.

Thank you heaps.

Tom aged 10 years, South Australia ✨


Charlotte loved her Joy Box … she was so happy and excited when she came home and saw this on the door step. Charlotte’s favourite item was the monopoly game. She loves being creative and the paint like a pro canvas she received – she will be doing on the weekend to hang in her bedroom! She has been sharing her toy box with her brother Mason. She thought the box was just the best and you’ve done a great job packing the items together for her.

Thank you!!

Charlotte with her

Tom, one of our Young Carer


Just wanted to say a big thank you from Tom. His Joy Box arrived yesterday. He absolutely loves it, in particular the arts and crafts, Lego sets and the basketball.

Many thanks for your generosity,


Millie cares for her younger sister Rani. She recently received a CaringKids Joy Box. She would like to say thank you all for her amazing box. Millie loved all her gifts that were so carefully chosen.

Kind regards



Zion - One of our young carers


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for seeing, recognising and rewarding our little carer.

Forever grateful!


We arrived home today from a holiday to QLD to allow our beautiful princess to have some time with her siblings. It’s hard to keep up with older siblings when you are extra small. Thank goodness for a wonderful big brother called Brayden who knows how to slow down.

Our neighbour had been collecting our mail. She arrived with a big box addressed to Brayden. He looked at me and said “Mum”! Wasn’t me was my reply.

He was very excited and opened his box of goodies. Each handful he pulled out there was something exciting from books, LEGO, to new pencils, craft paint. But best of all some face paint. Something he has been wanting for a little while now.

Brayden can’t wait to open the LEGO and wanted to start face painting straight away… ok after playing the box for a little while. I took some photos so you can see his excitement.

Thank you so much
You made a travel-tired boy very happy

Brayden - One of our young carers

Chloe - One of our young carers


I just wanted to say thanks for the toy box for my daughter Chloe. She loved every item in it and I think she also loved the validation it gave her as a thanks for caring for her siblings. It can be so tough being a young carer and there is only so much I can shield her.

Thanks again


Thank you from Tomi ‐ Tomi loved the ‘How to be a YouTuber’ book and will be studying that carefully ‐ he will share some of the items with his three siblings.

Kind regards

Tomi - One of our young carers

Jessica - One of our young carers


Hi there,

Several weeks ago my daughter received her Joy Box. I cannot thank you enough for your kindness. Jessica was thrilled to receive her package. Her favourite things in the world are her stuffed toys. When she opened her Joy Box the first thing she saw was a yellow Sunshine CareBear. She has called him ‘Sunny’. Jess’ second favourite thing is the lunchbox, but she loves everything in the package. Thank you from Jess, and from us.

Kindest regards, Kylee and Greg


Dusty and his 4 other siblings have been missing his younger brother Bodhi and his mum since January as they have been 300klms away in Melbourne.

Bodhi had to have a bone marrow transplant and mum has been looking after him at the hospital and now Ronald McDonald House.

Dad has been looking after the other 4 kids and times have been tough.

Dusty was most delighted today to receive the toy box (it was like Xmas to him).

He was immediately occupied making slime and the back pack and pencils were next in line as the favourites.

He also shared a number of the gifts with his siblings.

Many thanks to CaringKids for making Dusty’s day.

(Dusty’s dad)


Hi Team,

Thank you sooooo much for the Toy Box. Lana was so happy and she totally deserves it for helping with caring for Zane. She helps us changing his stoma bag, goes for a walk with him and plays with him. Once, she had to call the ambulance when Zane had seizure. She did so well.

Thank you for your initiative. Appreciate it.

Azura (Lana’s mum)


Thank you, thank you, thank you, thankyou 🙂

I opened the door to the postage man this morning and got the shock of my life when the box had my name on it. I cannot choose a favourite item, but I love the border collie cuddly and bear handbag. I will be getting creative with the tie dyes and am sharing that with my brother Cooper.

I can’t believe I got this. Mum didn’t tell me I was getting it, so that was even better as it was a super surprise! Once we have created our tie dye outfit, we will share it with you.

Thank you!

Evie with her Joy Box


Thank you CaringKids!

Evie  got the surprise of her life when she opened her toy box yesterday. We can’t thank you enough! She feels super special.

Krista (Evie’s mum)


Dear CaringKids,

Anya and myself would just like to say a massive thank you for her toy box! She didn’t know it was coming and was very surprised returning from school to have it at home. She carefully went through all the toys and gifts. I was very grateful for all of them. The LEGO has been the biggest hit and she’s been up early this morning carrying on with her project.

She has also passed on a few things to her brother as she didn’t want him to feel left out.

Zoe (Anya’s mum)

Anya with her CaringKids Joy Box

Young carer Laura with toys from Joy Box


Thank you sooo much for Laura’s box of goodies!!! ”

She absolutely loves everything and was soo happy to go through it with her brother.

She’s extremely grateful and thanks everyone for their support!

Chantelle (Laura’s mum)


Roy was so delighted to receive your very generous box today. It really made his day.

He said the soccer ball was his absolute favourite. He very kindly shared some dinosaurs to his little brother as he knows how much he loves them.

Thank you so much for your support and generosity, it means so much to all of us.

Best wishes,

Roy and family

Young Carer

CaringKids Toy Box Recipients

Young carers across Australia provide care for a family member living with a disability or chronic illness.

Our young carers above are a few of the many happy recipients of our Joy Boxes.

There are an estimated 235,000 young carers providing care for a loved one across Australia.

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