CaringKids Toy Boxes

CaringKids Toy Boxes

Play time is an essential part of childhood development. It provides the building blocks for learning and helps kids develop patience, resilience and problem-solving skills. CaringKids recognises this, and ensures every Joy Box we deliver to a child contains toys, puzzles and games that not only bring joy, but also help them to learn and grow.

Information about toy donations and donation locations can be found on the Toy Donations page.


Q1: I’m a young carer, how can I order and receive a Toy Box?

Our Toy Boxes (we like to call them Joy Boxes) are created for eligible young carers aged 4 to 12 years of age registered with Australia’s leading young carer support organisation Little Dreamers.

Toy Box referrals are open to registered young carers, including young carers who are unable to access young carer support services due to barriers such as age, geographical location or health condition.

To register with Little Dreamers for support and to find out if you are eligible to receive a Toy Box, please complete this Little Dreamers registration form.

CaringKids is unable to accept self-referrals or requests for Toy Boxes from the general public.

Q2: I’m a registered charity, can I make a referral to CaringKids for a young carer to receive a Toy Box?

Toy Boxes are available to eligible young carers registered with Little Dreamers.

Visit Little Dreamers to register a young carer for support and enquire about eligibility.

Q3: I’m a corporate organisation, how can I donate items to fill CaringKids Toy Boxes?

We accept new excess stock donations from wholesalers and retailers. We strive to save suitable items from landfill. Donations must be 30cm or less in size. Please contact us to register your organisation.

Q4: I’m a community member, can I donate toys to CaringKids to help fill Toy Boxes?

We gratefully accept new donations from the community. Information about donation locations and our donation guide can be found on the Toy Donations page.

Q5: Do you deliver Toy Boxes across Australia?

Yes, we deliver our Toy Boxes to all states in Australia.

Q6: Does CaringKids accept pre-loved community donations?

Unfortunately we do not accept pre-loved donations for insurance reasons. We gratefully accept new donation items, our donation guide can be found on the Toy Donations page.

Toy Box Deliveries

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