Joy Box Impact Survey Results 2022

Joy Box Impact Survey Results 2022
09/12/2022 CaringKids
CaringKids Joy Box
CaringKids Joy Box

Thank you to all the families who took the time to respond to our Joy Box Impact Survey. The feedback we received about our Joy Boxes overall was that they brought joy, they provided young carers with recognition of their caring role, and that receiving a Joy Box impacted positively on the young carers emotional well-being.

We had so many helpful suggestions about items to include, and the feedback received is helping us to shape and continue to improve our future Joy Boxes for young carers.

Feedback from families about the impact receiving a young carer Joy Box included:

“It was so lovely to watch my son feel special receiving the box and his delight at the contents and knowing that his sister was the reason he was being singled out instead of the usual negative reasons that come along with him being different from his peers that do not have a sister with special needs. It is a good memory that I’m sure he will remember for a long time. Thank you”

“The boxes came at the time their caring roles were in flux they really helped them feel valued and seen, and appreciated and special. They are great for young carers”

“It made our son feel special and like he was the centre of attention for a change, like others cared about him”

“It is really good support that my son received. He was really happy and joyful when he received it. He played with his younger brother and his friend.”

“She was just so thrilled and it made her feel noticed and recognised for her role”

Congratulations to the 3 winners of the Coles/Myer vouchers selected at random for participating in our survey,

  • Kate – Mernda, Victoria
  • John – Tin Can Bay, Queensland
  • Shuyin – Chatswood NSW

Winners have been notified.