Toy Box Donations

Who we are

1 in 10 children in Australia have taken on caring for a family member with a disability. These adult responsibilities mean they often miss out on many of the joys of childhood that most kids take for granted.

CaringKids is a registered charity that recognises the role of these young carers and works to reduce their feelings of loneliness and social isolation, by sending them Joy Boxes, packed with toys, games and books.

We are governed by a voluntary Board of Directors, and supported by a team of dedicated team of volunteers. CaringKids is supported by community fundraising, local grants and the sale of second-had toys plus in-kind donations, such as toy storage and equipment.

Individuals, community and corporate groups collect and donate new toys, games, stationery, art and craft materials and sports equipment on our behalf. We use these to create the Joy Boxes that we deliver to young carers.