Our Brand

CaringKids' Smile

In May 2018 we proudly introduced our new identity captured in a new logo.

Our look has changed in line with our change in service for young carers, which now focuses on providing Toy Boxes, we like to call them ‘Joy Boxes’. CaringKids is committed and dedicated to our Purpose and Vision.

The delightful smile motif in our new logo symbolises the joy that young carers bring to their loved ones, that special connection between young carers and the person they care for and the support that CaringKids brings to these families.

To ensure that we got this change just right, we involved our community of young clients and their families, health professionals, our supporters, volunteers and board for their ideas and feedback. Our Founder Margaret was also fortunate to work with a team of marketing and design professionals at Leading Hand and Altogether who provided their expertise.

Strong communication plays a vital role in helping us to achieve our impact. This investment in our communication is a commitment to our young clients to fight for what they need – be that funding, recognition or additional support – with our best foot forward.

Toys distributed

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