Maggie began caring for her mum when she was 6 years old together her older sister.  Maggie had many responsibilities at a young age. She would help with cooking, cleaning and personal care. She needed look after herself more independently compared to other children her age.   Caring responsibilities affected Maggie’s studies and school attendance, and it was also difficult for Maggie to have time outside the home for other activities or to socialise with friends.

Maggie has previously shared her experiences as a young carer to help others on the radio, newspaper and on television.  Maggie has completed a Social Work degree and is passionate about connecting young carers to useful services. Maggie shares, “if there had been something like this [a service like CaringKids] for me when I was young, it would have made the biggest difference to me”.


Our Ambassadors

Our ambassadors are individuals who have been young carers themselves, and have previously looked after someone with an illness or disability, or have experience supporting carers or people living with disabilities. Our ambassadors share and use their own experiences to benefit young carers whilst sharing the message about the support that is available.

Ambassadors may:

  • Represent CaringKids in the community and at community events
  • Lead volunteer teams and projects
  • Promote and champion fundraising events
  • Communicate messages about young carers to raise awareness
  • Generate awareness of CaringKids’ services within the local community

If you would like to become one of our Ambassadors, please contact us – we would love to hear from you!