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Who we are

CaringKids was created in 2014 by our Founder and CEO, Margaret Skagias, to address the support needs of young carers. Margaret has spent many years delivering emotional support and respite camps for young carers. She saw first-hand the heavy responsibilities that they held and was inspired to bring more light into their lives.


CaringKids is a registered charity and toy recycling social enterprise dedicated to providing bespoke Toy Boxes for children who care for disabled or chronically ill family members.


With every bespoke hand-picked and packed Toy Box that we courier across Australia, we recognise and honour the unique contribution that each child makes whilst caring for a family member.

Our Toy Boxes raise much needed awareness of the existence of young carers.

Who we help

We send toy boxes to youth under the age of 18 who spend many hours on caring responsibilities each week. This includes both primary and alternate carers, and we endeavour to offer additional support for families where carers are experiencing financial hardship.

Why we want to help

There are approximately 100,000 young carers in NSW under the age of 25, with approximately 9% or 4,900 young carers identifying as primary carers (ABS, 2015). Due to the hidden nature of caring at a young age, it is thought that the number of young people identifying as young carers is under-reported.


Young carers take on tasks such as housework, shopping, cooking, liaising with health professionals, being responsible for financial matters as well as providing care of a physical and intimate nature. As a result, the needs of the young carer are often overlooked and they miss out on many childhood experiences that other children enjoy freely.

We envision an Australia that enables special needs siblings and young carers to grow up to be healthy, resilient and compassionate adults by making it possible for them to take time for themselves to learn, play and read.



Registered charity for young carers ~ not for profit Sydney

Help deliver services to young carers!

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